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Community description:Screencap sharing community
[community profile] screencaps is a place for people to share and find screencaps.

for the people taking:
1. Please remember to comment when you take a person's caps whether they post the actual caps in this comm or link to them in their own comm.


for the people posting:
2. You can post a sample image/preview pic in your post (and outside of the lj-cut), but it can be no wider than 450px.
3. If you post a link back to your community/journal/site where the caps are and said post is f-locked, we don't have a problem with that but you have to realize that less people will look at your caps if they have to join your community first.
4. If your preview image is a spoiler or is over PG-14, please put it behind a lj-cut.
5. Utilize the subject line. Please include the movie/tv show/music video title in the subject line for archiving purposes.
6. If a tag already exists for your post, please use it. If the tag does not exist a moderator will create one.

All posts that do not comply with these rules have 48 hours to fix their posts before being be deleted. :)

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